Tirbi Guesthouse

Tirbi beach house is located in a beautiful spot on the island of Hiiumaa Kassari. Guesthouse is the ideal place for families and smaller groups of friends who value privacy, active recreation and true relaxation in the natural environment. The guesthouse is ideal for short breaks as well as longer vacations. It can accommodate groups or families of up to seven people. Its fully fitted kitchen allows you to cater for yourself, and there is plenty to do outside:

Grillhouse Lest & Lammas is within walking distance, at the start of the Sääretirp road in Kassari. In fine weather it is the perfect place to take a break and refresh yourself, making the most of the outdoor grilling area and seating. Fresh fish takes pride of place on the menu, but you will also find lamb and other meat dishes.

slightly away is Vetsi Tall, an old-style tavern. Today there are three dining rooms: the pub room (60 places), the so-called ‘gentry-room’ with a fireplace (40 places) and the summer hall (40 places). In summer the tavern is open daily from early morning till late night and, if necessary, even longer...

A beach is just a few hundred meters stroll away, with an area for games and its own swing.

You will find the guesthouse in Sääretirp, drive across the road towards the statue of Leiger. Follow the sign "Sääretirp".

Reserve some time to properly enjoy Sääretirp peninsula. It is about 3 km from the main road to the parking lot. A statue of the Hiiumaa giant Leiger also serves as a guide. Leiger is building the bridge (see the legend).

Driving on top of Sääremäe hill is also an experience, with junipers on both sides of the road and picturesque views of the sea. The midsummer night bonfire and camping areas are also popular among the visitors, since many prefer this particular beach. The hot sun warms the low waters in the bay and the beaches are full of people, just wandering around, engaged in sports or passing by for refreshment in a hot summer day. Kassari's beautiful beaches are open to all, so it is important to preserve the Nordic beauty for posterity.

Legends and stories

Leiger, who came to Hiiumaa from Saaremaa, was famous for his cosy sauna and huge cabbages. It was especially for these things that his relative Suur Tõll from Saaremaa came to visit Leiger as often as he did. It was common knowledge that Suur Tõll didn't want his legs to become wet, so Leiger and his sons decided to build a bridge between the two islands. They gathered together many stones, which formed quite a long bank, but it didn’t quite reach Saaremaa. It isn't known why they didn't finish the job, but most likely there were some differences of opinions among the giants. But the beginning of the bridge is still there - the wonderful Sääretirp.